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If you need more organization and efficiency for your small business, then try our Customer Relationship Management. Uniquely offering integrated project management, NeonTech make sure you’re on top of your game with your business relationships. All your contacts, emails, events, projects, tasks and sales opportunities are centrally organized so you have current information at your fingertips.
NeonTech help you in developing effective customer relations with its Customer Relationship Management solutions which are created a competitive business environment. Our CRM Soltuion involve customizing most of the available open source CRMs. Customization can be done in Case Management, Contacts management, Marketing Campaigns, Lead Tracking and Project Management. There many service other services that we customize in open source CRM.
Customer relationship Management is a benchmark for assessing market stength and organizations efficiency in the competitive business environment.Our developers got expertised in developing CRM solutions using ASP, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails. The solutions include dashboard charting, Email processing, Contacts Managment, Project Managment, Lead Tracking, Opportunity Management, Marketing Campaings, RSS Sysdication. Regardless of the area, NeonTech has provided its services to major industries like Insurance, Transportaion, Banking and finance, Media and Entertainment, Retails, automative, manufacturing. This heples to automative business processes that includes marketing, interaction channels and servies.